Create A Luxurious Lodge To Lounge In Your Bedroom

There is nothing as cozy and comfy as cuddling up at a lodge, while the winter winds blow outside. You can recreate this feeling in your own home- regardless of the climate, location, or weather. Try some of the following tips for creating a warm, lodge-like feeling in your own home's bedroom: Furnishing your space. For a true lodge-feel, you need all-wood furnishings. Talk with furniture retailers about beds, dressers, and accent tables in rich natural wood to fit your bedroom budget. [Read More]

How To Protect Your Dining Room Furniture From Your Cat

If you've purchased a new set of dining room furniture, you are likely excited by the possibility that you will be able to make your dining room look fantastic. The only thing standing in your way is the possibility that your cat might take a personal vendetta against your furniture. Here are some ways to keep your dining room furniture safe from your cat. 1. Make Other Rooms of Your House More Appealing [Read More]

When Zen Meets Modern: A Decorating Relationship Made in Heaven

If you are looking for a perfect decorating relationship, look no further than Zen and modern. Zen-inspired decorating is all about creating an atmosphere of relaxation, balance, and harmony. The modern decorating style is all about the minimalist and simplistic approach to design. From the kitchen to the bedroom, Zen and modern will work together to make your home a true haven of rest and refreshment. Go clutter free One of the first steps to creating a tranquil home is to eliminate all clutter. [Read More]

How to Create a Unique Family Room

Are you decorating a family room? Whether you are moving into a brand new home or making some changes in your present home, here are some ideas that might inspire you to do design something unique and attractive. Make the Room Kid-Friendly - If you're wanting this room to be used in a fun way, think about ways that you can make it comfortable and non-threatening for your children or grandchildren. Think about saving the living room for displaying valuable collectibles. [Read More]