Make Any Table More Unique By Adding A Suitcase To It

If you are someone who enjoys having unique furniture in your home, consider creating your own furniture from nontraditional items. You can create a great side table to use in your family room or in your bedroom from a suitcase and a small side table. The guide below walks you through the process of making any small table truly unique. Find the Right Table The first thing you need to do is to find the right table to fit your needs. [Read More]

Find Some Funky Furniture Through Consignment And Clear Your Clutter At The Same Time

If you are a bit tired of your current furniture, this could be the time to clear it out. Take time to reassess your needs and your home's style, and take those unwanted or uncomfortable pieces to a furniture consignment store, and make this an opportunity to refurnish your space. There are some vintage gems that bring a distinct design style to the home, while also bringing a funky focal point to the space. [Read More]

Staying Close In Adjustable Beds

If you and your significant other are considering an adjustable bed, you may have a few concerns. You love the idea of owning a bed that can conform to your body and its needs, but those needs are not the same as your partner's. You could get separate beds, but you still want to sleep together. Fear not! You can buy an adjustable model that lets you stay close while giving you each the type of support you need. [Read More]

How To Create A Bedroom Space In Your Rental Studio Apartment Without Building A Permanent Wall

If you're renting a studio apartment, you might want to create a separate sleeping space, but you're probably restricted as to what alterations you can do to the apartment. Most landlords won't allow tenants to do any sort of construction, which includes installing permanent walls. Don't worry; there are lots of alternatives. Here are three popular methods to create a bedroom in a studio without doing major construction. Hang A Curtain Or Fabric Panel [Read More]