4 Key Questions To Ponder When Selecting A New Reclining Chair

If you are about to purchase a new recliner, you may have an idea of what type of upholstery and color you'd prefer. However, choosing the perfect recliner involves more than aesthetics. Your new recliner is an investment, therefore it should uphold well over frequent use, and be comfortable and supportive, too. As you set out to go shopping for your new reclining chair, ponder the following crucial questions:

1. How Much Space Do You Have for Your New Recliner?

Recliners do not come in one-size-fits-all. At your local furniture store you may find reclining chairs in various widths and sizes. Before you make your final decision, you should take measurements of your allotted space, then compare the room you have with the dimensions of the chair. An over-sized recliner may feel very roomy and comfortable, but you may not have the space for it in your room. However, if you do have ample room, you may find an over-sized chair to be perfect for taking those mid-day catnaps. On the other hand, if you have limited space, a wall-saving design may be best.

2. How Does the Recliner Feel When You Sit On It?

It is not a good idea to buy a recliner without trying it out first. While it may seem perfect for you while viewing it in a catalog, it may not feel like the "right fit" once you try it out. Sit down and take your time. Put your feet up and test it out. Does it feel supportive, or does it sink in?

3. Is the Frame of the Chair Solid and Sturdy?

Check the underside of the frame to be sure it is unyielding as you move around. Be sure the metal screws are tightly in place. Look for all wood construction in the description.

4. What Features Do You Prefer in Your Recliner?

Are you looking for extra support? If so, lumbar cushioning will help. Check the neck rest as well. It should feel padded and comfortable to avoid neck strain. Would you prefer a rocking or gliding recliner?

How about heat and massage? While these features typically raise the cost, it can be relaxing and therapeutic, especially for those with joint or muscle strain. In addition, if you have arthritis, consider a recliner with touch-button control rather than the standard hand crank.

Those with limited mobility might prefer a recliner and lift chair combination. This design features a mechanism that lifts the chair from the base to assist you out of the seat.

There are other features that might interest you as well. Optional features include cup holders, pockets and even storage compartments. For more information, contact furniture stores like Visions In Contemporary Living.