Got Furbabies? A Guide To Pet-Friendly Home Fashions

For many people nowadays, their pets are like their children. But as beloved as they are, they do come with a certain amount of extra mess. You don't have to sacrifice a stylish and clean home just because you share your home with animals, though. Here are three tips to keep your home fashionable, comfortable, and clean despite your pets.

Choose The Right Furniture Fabric

You'll never be able to completely get rid of animal hair or scratches from their nails when you have pets, but there are some fabrics that hold up better to the inevitable wear and tear.


Natural cowhide leather is extremely durable. Hair, accidents, and stains can easily be wiped away with a good quality leather cleaner. Most grades of leather will stand up to punctures from claws, but it will eventually scratch. However, this can add character to the look of your sofa or chair overtime. You can also choose a distressed leather so that scratches simply blend in with the rest of the distress marks. If budget is a concern, pleather, or synthetic leather, is an economical, durable option.


If you don't have a formal décor, denim is an excellent furniture choice. Just like your favorite pair of jeans, it is comfortable and rugged. It is also easy to clean. Custom made cotton canvas slipcovers are another option if you have your heart set on white furniture. If they get dirty, they can simply be removed and cleaned.


Synthetic microfibers hold up well to pets, and they are easy to clean pet hair off of them with a simple lint brush. A gentle soap and water with a soft cloth will remove any stains.

Avoid fabrics like silk, wool tweeds, chenille, and velvet. Silk is far too delicate to withstand pets, and while wool tweeds hold up well, they tend to hang on to pet hair. Chenille has too many loops that are easily snagged by your pet's toenails, and velvet is a magnet nightmare for hair.

Choose Washable Bedding

It's not unusual for pets to sleep in your bed, whether you want them to or not. Protect your mattress with a cover and a thick pad over that. Coughed up hairballs are a fact of life when you're a cat owner. Pick simple cotton sheets and a machine washable comforter. You can also consider a duvet cover for your comforter or quilt. Wash your bedding frequently to remove the extra hair, body oils, and "pet smells."

Pick Hard Flooring

Wall-to wall carpeting is harder to keep clean than tile or hardwood flooring. Carpeting absorbs accidents, which soak into the padding below. Even with frequent vacuuming, carpeting seems to always collect hair. With hard flooring, you can easily sweep and mop whenever you need to.

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