Make Any Table More Unique By Adding A Suitcase To It

If you are someone who enjoys having unique furniture in your home, consider creating your own furniture from nontraditional items. You can create a great side table to use in your family room or in your bedroom from a suitcase and a small side table. The guide below walks you through the process of making any small table truly unique.

Find the Right Table

The first thing you need to do is to find the right table to fit your needs. Measure the retro suitcase that you want to use on top of the table. Head to a furniture store that sells used 20th and 21st century furniture and find a very basic side table that is small enough to fit under the suitcase without being seen. The small table will serve as the base for the new table that you are creating.

Pull the Lining Loose

Open the suitcase and determine which side of the suitcase you want to face toward the ceiling and which side you want to have attached to the table. Lay the suitcase on a flat surface with the side that will be attached to the table touching the flat surface. There will be lining in the suitcase. Pull the lining on the side of the suitcase that will attached to the table away from the suitcase, starting at the outer edge of the suitcase. Continue until you have pulled the lining up on that entire side of the suitcase.

Attach the Suitcase to the Table

Next, you need to place the suitcase on top of the table so that it is flush with the table. You may want to place the table next to a wall so that the top of the suitcase can be left open against the wall -- so you do not have to try to keep the suitcase level while you are attaching it. Leaning it against the wall will keep it from falling over as you drill screws through it and into the table. Use a drill to screw multiple flat-head screws through the suitcase and into the table. You want to be sure that you attach the suitcase in multiple places so that it can be as secure as possible.

Reattach the Lining

After you have attached the suitcase to the table, spray the inside of the suitcase that is missing the liner with spray adhesive. Lay the lining that you removed back into the suitcase and spread it out until it is flat and smooth.

Once the suitcase is attached to the table, you can start using the it right away. You can open the suitcase to store things out of sight and use the top of the suitcase to hold a drink or a lamp.