Find Some Funky Furniture Through Consignment And Clear Your Clutter At The Same Time

If you are a bit tired of your current furniture, this could be the time to clear it out. Take time to reassess your needs and your home's style, and take those unwanted or uncomfortable pieces to a furniture consignment store, and make this an opportunity to refurnish your space. There are some vintage gems that bring a distinct design style to the home, while also bringing a funky focal point to the space.

Some wildly popular furniture finds include:

Suave sectionals. Sectional seating arrangements were popular in the 70s, and these provide a lot of seating in one single furniture find. Typically, these sectionals work best in larger spaces, although you do have the option of breaking-down your arrangement to accommodate a smaller area. Look for vintage fabrics, like velour and velveteen, to give your home a retro flair.

Eclectic end-tables. End-tables are a must have, but don't settle for drab or uninteresting pieces. There are many unique coffee tables, stands, and cocktail tables that make intriguing items to place on the ends of a sofa or near the arm of a chair. Look for tables that rest on unconventional pedestals or statues, or for end-tables with glass or cool chrome tops.

Cool chaises. A chaise is the perfect piece for any room of the house, from a comfy place to read in a bedroom to a place to toss clothing in a bathroom. Consider adding a chaise to your kitchen for a place to sit while dinner cooks or choose a chaise as your new favorite spot when watching television. Look for rich, textured fabrics and wood-crafted trims to give your space a vintage aura.

Traveled trunks. An old trunk is an excellent conversation piece for the home, and these can be used for everything from storage in the bedroom, to a cocktail table in your living room. Use epoxy to add a glass top to the top of a trunk that you don't care to open and use, or simply add a pad or cover to protect the top and keep your stuff stored inside.

Visit furniture consignment stores and boutiques to find these and other popular pieces to outfit your home. When you get rid of the old, take time to consider what new items make the most sense for your lifestyle. Check out these vintage furnishings for your own home and refurbish your favorites spaces in a fun, affordable way! To learn more, contact a company like Surroundings Fine Consignments For Your Home