Staying Close In Adjustable Beds

If you and your significant other are considering an adjustable bed, you may have a few concerns. You love the idea of owning a bed that can conform to your body and its needs, but those needs are not the same as your partner's. You could get separate beds, but you still want to sleep together. Fear not! You can buy an adjustable model that lets you stay close while giving you each the type of support you need.

King Size

The best way to get the full benefit of an adjustable bed is to invest in a king-sized model that is placed on separate power bases. This means buying two twin XL mattresses and two power bases. The bases can be attached so that they form one bed and can actually be placed inside a regular bedstead, once the original supports are removed. You simply use twin XL sheets on the mattresses and cover the whole thing with a king-sized comforter. You get individualized comfort while still sleeping alongside your partner. 

Time Together

In fact, you may spend even more time together because adjustable bases allow you to position yourself to comfortably read, work on the computer, or watch television at any time of day. In the past, you may have (uncomfortably) propped yourself up on pillows to read as your significant other sprawled on the sofa to watch television. With an adjustable bed, you can be side by side while pursuing your own interests. If you need quiet, headphones will do the trick. In a such a busy world, you need to find new ways to be together. 

Health Benefits

Of course, staying in good health means you can spend more time together over the long haul. Adjustable beds aid in circulation by allowing you to raise your feet level with your heart. They help to relieve back problems, a condition that causes physical pain and emotional stress. They can even help you stop snoring. You will get a better night's sleep, meaning you will be more likely to stay mentally sharp as you age and be less likely to have depression and other psychological ailments.

Adjustable beds are not a luxury. They can help you in many ways, including making it easier to sleep alongside your partner. Some people give up and start sleeping in separate rooms. If you do not like that idea, consider investing in an adjustable bed so that you both can get the sleep that you need.