How To Create A Bedroom Space In Your Rental Studio Apartment Without Building A Permanent Wall

If you're renting a studio apartment, you might want to create a separate sleeping space, but you're probably restricted as to what alterations you can do to the apartment. Most landlords won't allow tenants to do any sort of construction, which includes installing permanent walls.

Don't worry; there are lots of alternatives. Here are three popular methods to create a bedroom in a studio without doing major construction.

Hang A Curtain Or Fabric Panel

This method is perfect if you just want a simple, lightweight, visual demarcation. All you need to do is purchase hooks from the hardware store and install them into your ceiling. You will need a drill and drill bits. You should opt for toggle bolts instead of screws for hanging the hooks. These are perfect for a drywall ceiling. The toggle bolts go in and spread out behind the hole as illustrated here. They are designed to relieve stress on the wall. You can find toggle bolts that have hook attachments.

You can then hang a curtain rod, or choose a curtain that has its own rivets for each individual hook. When you are ready to leave your apartment, you can remove the toggle bolts, cover the holes with joint compound and paint and not worry about losing your security deposit.

Japanese Room Divider

If you don't want to drill into the ceiling, and prefer something light and ready made, then you can get a Japanese style room divider. These are made with a framework of wood (sometimes bamboo, if it's traditional) and a thin paper material in the latticework frame. The paper material can either be plain or be decorated with a design. Choose one that is designed using three large panels. These can be folded together and made smaller when you want store it in a closet.

Bookcase or Shelving As Divider

Another great idea, and one that gives you storage space, is to use a bookcase or shelving as a room divider. There are many that are actually marketed for people looking for room dividers. Some of them have no backs and create a more open feel.

If you prefer to have a completely solid wall, then you should think about hanging a mirror or a fabric panel on the back of the bookcase or shelving. This will add visual interest to the rear of the set make it so that the "bedroom" is not too dull. If the bed will be right up against the rear of the bookcase or shelving, and you are concerned about hanging a glass mirror, you can opt for a polished metal mirror or even an acrylic mirror. When you are browsing the furniture store, look at their wall mirrors. You might find one that would attach easily to the rear of the bookcase/shelving and this will save you the time of hunting out a mirror later. Contact a company like Tri City Furniture for more information these options.