Clever Country Touches For Your Home's Family Or Living Space

A country theme is ideal for those warm, comfortable spaces that you spend time with your family in. These are the rooms of the home that you want to keep casual and inviting, whether entertaining others or simply relaxing with your loved ones. Some clever country touches for your home's family or living space include:

  • Barnwood décor. If you want a contemporary country feel in the home, check out some of the barnwood décor and accent available online or from local artisans. These pieces typically repurpose old pieces of barnwood lumber, which has a weathered, antique style. Consider hanging a unique barnwood silhouette on a living room wall, or adding a barnwood cupboard to store games in a family space.
  • Eclectic textures. Mix and match your textiles and fabrics in the space to keep things country. Go with what you love, but try to echo a color scheme throughout the room. Some ways to demonstrate this could include thick nubby upholstery, painted canvas floor coverings, and quilts hanging on a wall.
  • Inviting lighting. Pay some attention to the lighting in your family room, especially since you may need or want to use the space for a variety of purposes. Invest in a decent ambient light fixture that will fully illuminate the room, and then set up some task lights around the room to accommodate reading, relaxing, playing games, or working on projects. This can include vintage desk lamps or retro pendant fixtures.
  • Intriguing visuals. While clutter is never cool, you can display all of your favorite items, accents, and collectibles in a country-themed space. These personal items give a space character and make it appear lived-in. Consider keeping it within reason, however, for easier cleaning.
  • Rich colors. Choose the colors that make you happy, whether this is a pastel palette or deep, rich jewel tones. Select colors that make you happy and energized; if you are on the fence, go with neutral tones such as white or beige for walls and fixtures. This will make the space seem larger and will offer more versatility in terms of design style and furnishings.

Try these tips to give your home's family room or living space a country touch. Try selecting pieces that you love and don't worry about them matching or about sticking to a rigid design scheme. This will set the tone for the casual, comfortable vibe that is perfect for these popular family spaces. 

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