Create A Luxurious Lodge To Lounge In Your Bedroom

There is nothing as cozy and comfy as cuddling up at a lodge, while the winter winds blow outside. You can recreate this feeling in your own home- regardless of the climate, location, or weather. Try some of the following tips for creating a warm, lodge-like feeling in your own home's bedroom:

Furnishing your space.

For a true lodge-feel, you need all-wood furnishings. Talk with furniture retailers about beds, dressers, and accent tables in rich natural wood to fit your bedroom budget. Add a goose-down or memory-foam mattress topper to make the bed sumptuous and inviting, and add down bedding, linens, and pillows for more comfort.

The floor beneath your feet.

If you are fortunate enough to have wood flooring in your bedroom, add a few shearling rugs for accents. If you are refinishing your floors, consider buying laminate alternatives that replicate the look of hardwood flooring. Keep in mind that you will be stepping foot on these floors every morning and each night, so restoring them is a prudent investment.

Creating a warm atmosphere.

You can really influence the atmosphere of a space with different wall colors. Consider rich, earthy tones that will make the room feel cozy and nurturing. Depending on the size and natural light in the space, using a dark wall color can make the room seem smaller. Add some window treatments that optimize the natural light in your room and that meld with your lodge-like theme.

Carve out a cozy nook.

If you were staying in a room at a lodge, you likely would find there to be a cozy nook in the corner for reading or daydreaming. Create your own personal nook in your bedroom- even if you feel limited on overall space. Your nook may only consist of a comfortable chair by the window, or it could be a small patio bistro set that has been retired for the winter and that makes the perfect place to enjoy an early-morning cup of coffee.

Unique accents and fixtures.

With accent items, you are really able to pull together your theme and give the space a lodge-like feel. This extends to lighting fixtures in your room; why not go for it with a unique deer antler chandelier? Consider adding artwork, paintings, lanterns, or figurines to give the room the desired effect.

Talk with furniture retailers, like Black Carriage Furniture, about the best pieces for your distinct bedroom, and to find furniture and accessories that fit your refurbishing budget. You will be surprised at how easy it is to transform a simple bedroom into a cozy lodge that you want to spend time in this winter, and any time of the year.