When Zen Meets Modern: A Decorating Relationship Made in Heaven

If you are looking for a perfect decorating relationship, look no further than Zen and modern. Zen-inspired decorating is all about creating an atmosphere of relaxation, balance, and harmony. The modern decorating style is all about the minimalist and simplistic approach to design.

From the kitchen to the bedroom, Zen and modern will work together to make your home a true haven of rest and refreshment.

Go clutter free

One of the first steps to creating a tranquil home is to eliminate all clutter. Kitchen countertops are often a catch-all area for mail, magazines, books, and papers.

Other problem areas are living room accent tables and bedroom nightstands. Bathroom countertops can  also become littered with make-up and toiletries.

The easiest way to get rid of clutter is to turn your closets into organizing centers. Install shelving inside closets and provide baskets or plastic containers to hold items that normally get tossed on open counters.

Choose a basket or plastic bin for each family member, label it with their name, and place it inside the closet. This will give everyone a space for their own personal items and will help to conquer the clutter problem.

Shop modern furniture lines

The beauty of modern and contemporary furniture is found in its simplicity. Traditional furnishings are full of details and can appear busy and distracting. Quality modern lines of furniture are clean with minimal detailing. Look for websites like https://creativefurniturestore.com to get started in your search.

To keep in line with the Zen way of living, look for modern tables that are square or rectangular in shape and have straight rather than curved legs. This is true whether you are shopping for dining room tables or living room and bedroom accent tables.

When shopping for chairs, beds, or sofas, avoid curved legs or arms. Avoid busy and loud prints in pillows and bedding. Bold prints can overwhelm the senses, which makes it hard to relax and unwind. Think about the natural colors of the earth and try to incorporate them into your furnishings.

Make accent pieces count

Less is always more when you want to create a sense of tranquility. Be picky about accent pieces. What do you love? What makes you feel at peace? Choose items that serve a purpose.

For instance, a tabletop water fountain with river rocks can be a soothing addition to a bedroom or living room. An earthen vase with a single flower is pleasing to the senses and makes a good dining room centerpiece.

A few candles or an electric fireplace are simple ways to add ambience to a room without adding clutter.

When Zen meets modern, your home will be transformed into a beautiful place of peace and tranquility. It truly is a match made in heaven. Not only will you feel more relaxed, but your home will exude an inviting atmosphere where friends and family will always feel welcome.