How to Create a Unique Family Room

Are you decorating a family room? Whether you are moving into a brand new home or making some changes in your present home, here are some ideas that might inspire you to do design something unique and attractive.

Make the Room Kid-Friendly - If you're wanting this room to be used in a fun way, think about ways that you can make it comfortable and non-threatening for your children or grandchildren. Think about saving the living room for displaying valuable collectibles.

The Furniture - Consider leather, denim or another sturdy fabric for your furniture.

  • One idea is to have individual reclining chairs with snack holders as part of the design. Another good choice is to have one sofa that curves around the room. Instead of having a traditional coffee table, select a very large ottoman that will be used as a footrest. End tables would be great for lamps that would provide low lighting.
  • Think about buying portable tray tables that you can pull out for snacks and meals to enjoy in front of the TV. It would be extra fun to let the kids pick out their very own tray table.
  • If the family room is large, consider separating the seating area from the rest of the room. The other space would be great for a game table and a shelf that holds books and board games. If you install a ping pong table or a pool table, or both, that would be the frosting on the cake.

The Decor - Remember to keep it simple and kid-friendly.

  • Except for lamps for the end tables, think about just using any table space for things like attractive wooden mind puzzles and other games.
  • The family room would be the perfect place to display your children's art work. Selecting the right mats and frames will make the art look professional. Just remember Picasso's modern art!
  • A great idea would be to have things like model airplanes, helicopters, and colorful toy air balloons hanging from the ceiling. Just make sure nobody is going to banged in the head with one of them! 
  • Consider having a wall that has photographs of friends and family members displayed on it. An added touch would be stenciled words that have a special message. Some ideas are This Is What Life's All About, More Precious Than Things You Buy, or Birds of a Feaher Flock Together.

An Entertainment Center - Since many people today are staying home to watch movies it just makes sense to have a great system on which to watch them.

  • If your television is huge, consider having it mounted right onto your wall. Placing it high enough will mean that there will be space under the television set for attractive shelving that will hold movies, books, and music. If you're lucky enough to have a collection of vinyl records, this would also be a good place for a turntable.
  • For a smaller television, consider buying a stand that has separate storage space. If you are also going to be displaying collectibles like family pictures on it, consider choosing a storage unit with sliding glass doors.
  • Another idea is to place your television on a stand in the center of the wall and have built-in shelves on both sides of the set that go from the top of the room all the way to the floor. Think about adding a great library ladder so you can access things that are hard to reach.
  • Consider having a professional help you to design your entertainment center so you'll have sound that matches or is even better than that found in a theater.

Have a great time designing a unique family room. For entertainment center ideas, take a look at places like Vandenberg Furniture.