Furniture That Maximizes Space In Your Small Apartment

If you live in a small apartment and need to maximize your space, you should look into buying furniture that comes with built-in storage. Extra storage space makes it easier to keep clutter under control, and with clutter out of the way, your apartment will seem to have more room. Here are some space-saving ideas you can use when shopping for apartment furniture.

The Couch That Doubles As A Bed

A couch that transforms into a bed is the ultimate in space-saving furniture. You can buy a sleeper sofa that stores a folded bed, or you could buy a smaller futon that simply flips open to make a flat surface. Sleeper beds are available in full and queen sizes. You can even buy a sleeper chair that stores a twin bed. In addition to keeping a bed in your couch, you can also buy sofas that have storage drawers underneath them. The drawers are a convenient place to keep your pillows, sheets, and blankets, whether you use the bed every night or just when guests stay over.

Ottomans That Store Things Out Of Sight

A fun piece of living room furniture that functions as a storage bin is the ottoman. These come in many different sizes and can be used for sitting or resting your feet in addition to storing all kinds of things. Buy one with a top that lifts off and is hollow inside. You'll be able to use the space to hold books, magazines, clothes, or toys. You can even buy an ottoman that holds a folded twin cot, so you'll always have a spare bed suitable for a child or small adult.

Tables With Shelves And Drawers

When you're short on space, you don't want to clutter your apartment with tables. That's why nesting tables are ideal. These slide underneath each other so they are out of the way when not in use. Console tables are another good option. These have shelves under the top surface, so you can store baskets, books, or figurines under the table, and use the top for a lamp or for dining. You can even buy a dining room table with a center console of drawers that holds plates and silverware.

Beds With Storage Underneath

The area under your bed is wasted space, but you don't want to push things under it randomly and create clutter. Instead, consider buying a platform bed with built-in drawers. These drawers are perfect for storing off-season clothing and other items you don't use very often. You could even use the drawers in place of a dresser that takes up valuable space. If you want a twin bed, think about buying a trundle bed that comes with an extra frame and mattress underneath. A trundle bed is perfect for a kid's room. Your child has a spare bed for guests, and it slides out of sight when not in use.

Buying furniture can be difficult when you don't have much space to put it in. You need to get by on less, so your apartment doesn't look crowded. Buying furniture that is space-saving and has storage capabilities is the perfect solution. Visit a furniture store like Red House Furniture to examine options like these in person.