Great Conversation Pieces For Your Apartment

Living in an apartment has its many advantages. With your limited space, you have plenty of reasons to showcase your personality and add a bit of pizazz to your living quarters. Learn great conversation pieces that you can display in your apartment that you will love no matter what kind of other decor you have.

Antique Mirror

Visit your local antique furniture dealers to find a great vintage mirror to put on display in your living room or dining area. Not only can a large mirror make your space look bigger, it gives dark and dated rooms common to apartment complexes a more modern and streamlined look. Choose a vintage or antique mirror that has a bronze or gold frame, or one that has an ornate floral design to really make your room pop. If you want an antique mirror that carries collectable value, ask a dealer which brands and models they recommend, so you can have a piece that has the potential for growth both in attraction and price.

Fainting Couch

A fainting couch makes an excellent apartment piece of furniture because it is long, low to the ground, and perfect for lounging or stuffing with throw pillows. It's also a truly unique furnishing that fits in a bedroom, living room, or even dining area. Due to its versatility, it's an ideal conversation piece that will have guests wondering where you got your 'strange couch', and you can know that you have a one-of-a-kind vintage piece of history in your home. Antique furniture dealers can find this original furnishing for you to enjoy.

note: a fainting couch got its name for its original purpose: as a couch for ladies who wore tight corsets to 'faint' into after being dressed. Some women actually fainted into the low cushions, hence the name!

Baby Grand Piano

A baby grand piano is a wonderful conversation piece for a lofty apartment that doesn't have much wall space to divide one room from the next. Lending a softly romantic and luxurious feel to the room, this type of instrument is inviting to both look at and play. Place a baby grand near your fireplace, or by a large window to really let it take center stage in your apartment.

When you have an apartment, you can use beautiful and unique furniture to really make your space stand out. Consider these conversation pieces to make your apartment look unique and totally inviting. For more ideas, visit