Achieving Multi-Purpose Functionality Within Small Patio Spaces

Trying to fit dining, lounging, lighting and storage all into one tiny patio space may seem like mission impossible.  Don't let the lack of square footage deter you from designing a functional outdoor space. Follow these practical design tips to assist in outfitting your patio with furniture pieces that simultaneously serve your need of relaxation and recreation.  

The All-In-One Bench

Opt for a bench with an attached vertical panel for seating, storage and structure. Here you have the option to stow away extra planting pots or cushions underneath the seat. Shelves attached to the top of the panel balance the benched unit and allow for even more storage space. The elongated panel provides back support and defines the space if placed along the patio's perimeter. Select a bench unit with a perforated or slotted back panel. Drape vine plants through these openings for an extra aesthetic appeal.

Fired Up Table-Tops

So your floor space is limited and you've given up hope on a built-in fire pit. Don't fret. Make use of your tabletop, whether it's an outdoor dining table or coffee table in a more lounge defined space. A built-in fire pit serves as an eye-catching centerpiece and provides a warm ambiance.

If propane is your choice of fuel, disguise the tank in the table's base with a decorative covering such as lattice doors. Wood burning or gel fueled fire pits allow for more freedom of space underneath the tabletop. This allows room for extra storage space.

Tiled table tops ground the area and make it feel as an extension of the other outdoor elements; a glass option allows more light to pass through, essentially making the patio area feel larger.

Puzzle Piece Furniture

Modular furniture grant the flexibility needed to adjust your space based upon the number of guests or the desired function at any given time. Tuck an end piece neatly into a corner when patio floor space is needed, or pull up an adjoining footstool that also doubles as a table to create an instantaneous chaise. With removable sectional pieces, you have the luxury of customizing the size of your furniture as needed.

Enhance the size of your patio by making use of forgotten corners and taking advantage of vertical spaces. Multifunctional furniture selections allow you to get the most out of your extended outdoor living area without over cluttering. Take the worry out of design and incorporate these furniture ideas into your patio setting. For more information, contact Elegant Outdoor Living or a similar company.