Getting More Function Out Of Furniture

Not all furniture shoppers are into expensive name brands or artistic appeal. Sometimes you just need a dependable piece of furniture that does a little more than take up space while looking pretty. As you examine your rooms, personal desires and storage needs, consider a few ways to get a bit more use out of home decor with functional furniture.

Ottomans Pull Extra Duty

Ottomans are already reliable and flexible pieces of furniture as they offer a footrest position while giving storage for small items. Depending on the design, you could do a lot more than rest your feet over stored tools and household items.

Many ottomans are designed with rounded, plush cushions on the top cover. Although this is a common design and quite comfortable for the feet, there are ottoman options that are flat and useful as tables.

By choosing an ottoman that has a flat, sturdy top, you can more easily rest your objects for a much faster retrieval. Looking to other ottoman designs, you can even find an ottoman lid that can be flipped over to show an flat tray used for placement or serving. 

It's important to note that since ottoman lids are often placed in the proper upright position, you'll need to clean the bottom tray surface of service ottomans very well before closing. Leaving moisture from food or drinks can quickly lead to mildew and damage to upholstery, wood or other materials inside the ottoman.

L-Shaped Sofas Are A Great Convenience

L-shaped or corner sofas take advantage of more wall space, allowing people to sit in the corner area and rest their objects on the ends. This extra area can do more if you don't have as many people sitting.

It's usually a bad idea to rest objects on a sofa, but some L-shape sofas and couches come with an end piece that can be removed to expose a table. Even if you don't have the table versatility, using an extended end piece to keep some objects out of your way can make life a little more convenience.

The L-shape has another function that's used by households the world over. It makes couch sleeping a bit easier and can allow more than one person to rest in the same general areas. Although sofas and couches aren't exactly the most comfortable resting areas, if you get a sleeper L-shaped or sectional sofa, you can benefit from a sleeping area with a nice side table for placing glasses, games and paperwork away from the rustling and rolling of the sleepers.

Contact a furniture store such as Smith Furniture to begin piecing together a furniture plan that does more than look nice.